Elevate your career for the new Era!

Who is it for?

Saudi professionals in HR, Digital Transformation, Advisory, Marketing, Sales, Strategy Development and IT with 3 or more years of experience, and who want to grow their careers

Participation is complementary and participants need to be pre-qualified

The approval of the participant's employer’s is required to participate

Who is it for? Who is it for?

What will we cover?

Enhancing the Consultative capabilities of Saudi Professionals

Discover how to interact and manage your network as a Consultant

The Value-Creation approach as your organisation grows in this new era

Applying the Consultative Mindset methodology in Human Resources Management, Sales and Marketing, Advisory, Digital Transformation, Strategy, Operations and IT.

Acting as a Business Consultant, both internally & externally, at your organisation

Experience deep insights & ground-breaking methodologies for the post-2020

What will we cover? What will we cover?

3 Live Online Sessions

  • Part1 7-8 April
    (1st group)

    3-4 May
    (2nd group)
  • Part2 26-27 May
    (all groups)
  • Part3 30 June - 1 July
    (all groups)
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Group projects, real-world assignments, experiential learning, and one-to-group coaching

Between sessions, participants will receive real-world assignments and group projects, with guidance from top-class coaches in their group

Application Deadline

4 April, 2021

A unique opportunity to develop essential Competencies for the new era!

50 hours of world-class experiential learning experience over 3 months on consultative mindset

Experience an exclusive learning journey on the Consultative Mindset approach, powered by the Whole Brain Technology!
Utilising Experiential Learning methodologies, this groundbreaking journey is designed to enhance the participants' critical capabilities and skills for the post-2020 era!

Facilitation and Coaching by Top International Experts


  • Jean-Luc Kastner

    Managing Partner Europe

  • Dr. Magdi A.Ismail

    Principal Consultant, Director MENA & Turkey

  • Thomas Orths


  • Rob Hamblin


  • Hany Mwafy


Complementary for eligible candidates following the selection process

This Learning Journey is a CSR initiative of TTM and VCL, inspired by the transformational efforts of Vision 2030


Rakeen Consulting and Capacity Building is a non-profit company whose aim is to contribute to the building of a strong non-profit sector that is active in development.
Rakeen works on building the capabilities of individuals, institutions and non-profit organizations, attracting talents and distinguished competencies to the non-profit sector and qualifying its leaders. In addition to participation in community projects, and studying the experiences of global social entrepreneurship institutions to benefit from their creative solutions and to achieve the expected results with maximum effectiveness.

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Learning Methodology

  • Whole Brain Technology
  • Experiential Learning
  • Group Coaching and Mentoring
  • Guided Reading
  • Real-World Assessments & Projects
  • Support from Supervisors

Sessions' Topics

Part 1

7-8 April / 3-4 May
(1st group / 2nd group)

  • Why we need a Consultative Mindset in the new era?
  • Interacting with and managing your network as a Consultant
  • Creating Value based on the needs of your organisation
  • Group assignment to be completed after Part 1 and presented during Part 2
Part 2

26-27 May
(all groups)

  • Applying the Consultative Mindset methodology in all the areas of Human Resource Management: L&D, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Assessment, Succession Planning, Career Development, Employee Engagement and more..
  • Applying the Consultative Mindset approach in Sales, Marketing and Advisory
  • Consultative Mindset approach and Digital Transformation
  • Strategy Implementation and the Consultative Mindset
Part 3

30 June -1 July
(all groups)

  • Being a Business Consultant within your organisation
  • Applying a Business Consultant approach with the external stakeholders of your organisation
  • The Consultative Mindset Approach and Top Management

Selection Process

  • Apply on the website

    Apply on the website

  • Interview with a TTM Consultant

    Interview with a TTM Consultant

  • Line Manager Approval

    Line Manager Approval

  • Final Acceptance

    Final Acceptance

Learning Journey Prerequisites

  • Bachelor's Degree or Higher
  • Minimum of three years' experience in HR, Marketing, Sales, Advisory, Strategy, or Digital Transformation
  • Saudi nationals, both males and females
  • The Learning Journey will be in English


Will I receive a certificate?

Participants who complete all three parts of the Learning Journey and all the assignments will receive a certification in the Consultative Mindset Methodology

Do I need approval from my supervisor at work?

Your employer must approve your participation in the Learning Journey, and your supervisor must sign your registration form

About TTM Group

As a Saudi entity with Saudi employees, TTM Group has had a presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over 15 years. Having established its regional office in Riyadh, the group is made up of two organisations: TTM and VCL.

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About TTM Group Consultative Academy


  • Enhance the capabilities of Saudi professionals in a critical aspect of the new digital era: The Consultative Mindset
  • Enable organisations and society to develop new jobs for Saudi professionals
  • Develop the ability of Saudi professionals to interact and manage within their networks as Consultants, enabling them to create Value and Make a Difference in the new reality
  • Empower organisations to enhance the Consultative capabilities of their employees, transforming their behaviours to achieve the transformation objectives of Vision 2030
  • Make a Difference in the lives of Saudi Professionals, enabling them to make an impact in the workplace in the new digital era
  • Enabling Saudi professionals to contribute to the new Digital Economy with new, innovative skills and competencies